Data is a big reason Verde Farms is able to keep its customers happy. The company breaks down sales by item, by store, often even by day. That allows Verde Farms to micromanage exactly how much of each product is needed on a given day or week, and when to promote it.

An internally, Verde runs all of its operations through a custom-built cloud-based ERP Salesforce platform that everyone in the organization uses, CEO Dana Ehrlich says. That helps Verde provide 99%-plus delivery rates and super-fast response times.

“The difference between good and great customer support is there’s transparency and accountability with very quick response times,” he says.  

Another way retailers can pick up their customer service games is with the Denver-based National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s new Chuck Knows Beef interactive tool, available on all mobile platforms and smart speakers.

“Chuck Knows Beef is an all-knowing beef expert powered by Google Artificial Intelligence,” says Jason Jerome, senior director of retail and foodservice engagement for the association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff. “While it’s very important retailers train their meat staff to be knowledgeable as possible to be able to give consumers the information they need, training and labor can be costly and often times rather than asking meat case staff for cut/ recipe recommendations, shoppers turn to their phones.”

That’s where Chuck steps in.  With access to expertly sourced content from, Chuck is prepared to answer questions shoppers may have about nutrition as well as production topics, such as sustainability and the use of hormones, in addition to recipes, cooking tips and cut information.

Chuck isn’t the only customer service tool the association provides to retailers. The organization has an entire team dedicated to educating retailers on a number of factors to maximize beef sales at retail, Jerome says.

“We’re happy to share information ranging from the value beef brings to a retailer, how consumers can achieve the pleasurable eating experience they crave, and the nutrients beef has to offer, to all the hard work beef farmers and ranchers do to ensure shoppers have the best possible experience while consuming their product,” he says. “This education can help the retailers train their staff and leave their customers with a memorable experience when visiting the meat case.”