Cosmic Crisp, a new apple variety that will make its debut in December, is partnering with two industry leaders on new branded products.

Cosmic Crisp, a cross between the Enterprise and Honeycrisp apple varieties created by researchers at Washington State University, is developing products with sliced-apple specialist Crunch Pak and consumer packed goods leader Litehouse.

Crunch Pak will be the exclusive slicer of Cosmic Crisp branded sliced apple pouches, and Litehouse will offer Cosmic Crisp branded cider in jugs. Both products will also be available in December.

“Our goal is to provide shoppers with an excellent eating experience. Having the exclusive rights to new varieties with complex flavor profiles helps us meet that goal and keep the category fresh,” says Ozgur Koc, senior vice president of business and product development at Crunch Pak. “Cosmic Crisp's firm, crisp texture and sweet-tart flavor profile make it an ideal eating and slicing apple.”
“Partnering with Crunch Pak provides a huge boost to our sampling efforts and will increase the apple’s visibility nationally,” says Kathryn Grandy, director of marketing for Proprietary Variety Management, which is leading the Cosmic Crisp retail launch.