Food safety and sanitation specialist PSSI has created a new technology platform that will drastically enhance the sanitation process across its partner plants. 

The real-time performance metrics platform, which supports a more detailed data-driven approach to food safety and sanitation, will enable sanitation teams to proactively track and respond to critical data that can impact the overall effectiveness of the sanitation process.

Through the platform, data that was once logged manually is now logged digitally into an application on a tablet or mobile device. Data is monitored closely by PSSI site managers and can easily be shared, and the system can send alerts and notifications about changes or updates that need to be made.

“The ability to record and respond to real-time data during a sanitization shift is a game changer,” says Doug White, PSSI’s senior vice president of operations. “It enables us to take corrective action sooner, which drastically improves effectiveness of sanitation and improves food safety.”