By 2025, all exclusive products made by discount retail giant Aldi, including plastic packaging, will be reusable, recyclable or compostable, according to the company.

Aldi also has made a commitment to:

  • By 2025, packaging material of all Aldi-exclusive products to be reduced by at least 15%;
  • By 2020, implement an initiative to make private-label product packaging easier for customers to reuse;
  • Guide continuous improvement of product packaging by internal expertise and external evaluations.

“Growing deforestation rates, rising carbon emissions and the littering of our earth’s land and oceans can all be connected with product packaging concerns,” according to Aldi. “When focusing on the improvement of product packaging, we aim to first reduce packaging, then focus on actions for reuse and recycling.”

That commitment includes a focus on recyclability, reduction and fiber sourcing. For its fiber packaging, Aldi is evaluating opportunities to increase the amount of sustainable forestry and recycled material it sources for fiber based packaging in its everyday products. Aldi’s goal is to source all fiber-based primary packaging components from certified responsibly managed forests or recycled content for its core range products by the end of 2020.