BROOKLYN, N.Y. – United Wind energy company announced on March 19 that it reached an agreement with Smithfield Foods to power dozens of hog farms in Colorado with on-site wind energy.

The company said this was part of its goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 25 percent by 2025 throughout its supply chain.

“At Smithfield, we are committed to seeking out innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact, all while creating value for our company and stakeholders,” said Stewart Leeth, vice president of regulatory affairs and chief sustainability officer for Smithfield Foods. “This partnership with United Wind is part of our efforts to produce the food needed to feed a growing world population, while minimizing our use of natural resources.”

United Wind works to provide farms and other rural businesses with a wind system that meets their needs and has a fixed monthly price for a 20-year lease. The company handles all permitting, construction, monitoring and maintenance for any project.

Russell Tencer, CEO of United Wind, added, “We’re excited to bring competitive distributed wind energy options to food and agricultural companies like Smithfield in wind-rich environments throughout rural areas of the country. The economics and land-use attributes of distributed wind just make more sense in the areas we serve.”