Placon has introduced an addition to its Fresh 'n Clear GoCubes line, a larger 8 in. x 8 in. footprint option.

The addition meets the growing demand for fresh prepared meals with two to four entrees, according to the company. The larger GoCubes offer versatility and merchandising options for grab-and-go, fresh food options, including meal kits, bulk food, fresh prepared, salads and more.

“At Placon, our food packaging solutions attract customers with quality designs in a variety of different sizes," says Ben Brummerhop, Placon's Stock Food Sales Manager. "The new GoCube bases, inserts and lids continue to help meet the growing consumer trends of meal kits and customer convenience, while offering additional merchandising options."

The GoCubes are now available in four bases sizes ranging from 36 to 80 ounces and offer two lid options — an inside-fit lid and an overcap lid. The inside-fit lid offers a secure seal, easy-open tabs, and anti-fog technology. Three insert trays with compartment options can be used to mix and match to create the desired packaging combination.