Berry grower-shipper California Giant Berry Farms has significantly boosted its raspberry production.

In 2018, Watsonville, California-based Cal Giant has expanded its raspberry program “exponentially,” says Nick Chappell, the company’s director of retail sales. Cal Giant now ships raspberries year-round.

The company’s evolving and rapidly expanding Mexico raspberry program has grown tenfold within the last year alone, Chappell says. The Mexican Adelita raspberry variety can arguably stand up to any other variety or label on the market, he says.

“This expanding raspberry program has been pivotal for us,” Chappell says. “Our raspberry operations in Mexico are both advanced and progressive, and ultimately, the gap we once had in the winter months where our raspberry supply had fallen short has now been filled. We look forward to offering year-round availability of all four berries and offering a smooth transition from our Mexico season all the way through the start of our California season.”