Training employees in instore bakery, dairy, and deli departments can now be done more effectively and efficiently through a recently-launched, free online service developed by the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA).

IDDBA members can readily centralize their service associates’ education training on and instantly track their quiz scores and course completions right from their mobile devices, laptops, and other Internet-connected devices.

IDDBA corporate-identified online training provides participating retailer companies and businesses with the following:

A customized training site exclusive to the member’s chain or individual store.

A unique corporate URL with a customized login featuring their logo where service associates and administrators access free IDDBA online training.

One click importing of multiple associate files, simplifying the process of creating service associate profiles (for login purposes).

24/7 reporting capabilities that allow administrators to instantly view and export associate participant progress and quiz scores.

Access to over 55 IDDBA training programs in English and Spanish at The videos are short-duration, 5-to-10-minute engaging training products. Course subjects include food safety, customer service, cake, cheese, deli, and bakery.

Recording of service associates’ training activity, quiz score, and option to print personalized recognition certificates.

A personal or work e-mail address is not required to create an employee account profile, allowing all service associates to use the service.

The service is available free to all IDDBA members.

“Knowledge is valuable for customer engagement and self-esteem, not just for recent hires, but experienced service associates as well,” said Mary Kay O’Connor, VP Education, IDDBA. “Our customized training service makes it easy for department employees to access and view our growing library of English and Spanish online training videos, while providing department managers and supervisors the ability to quickly track their learning progress. The bottom line is more successful in-store fresh departments.”

To learn more about IDDBA personalized online training and to schedule a live webinar, contact Eric Richard at or 608-310-5000.