Innovative Sugarworks, a leading innovator of exceptional culinary tools for the sugar arts, announces its debut and online retail will be available as of November 12. The initial products for the new brand include: Sugarworks Sugar Shapers, Turntable Expander, Cake Porter, and Insulated Cover are essential tools for cake artists, pastry chefs, DIY hobbyists, and students. Retail will be available at multiple online retailers including the company’s own eCommerce site at

The brainchild of husband-wife duo, Meghan and Chris Allison, Innovative Sugarworks was conceived in 2013 to provide Cake Artists and hobbyists the tools needed to elevate their craft. Additionally, they wanted to create products that would lessen the impact of physically demanding, repetitive decorating tasks—from sculpting to shaping, modeling and delivering—Sugarworks’ products feature an ergonomic design with both form and function in mind.

Durable and tapered for easy use, Sugar Shapers are an essential part of any decorator’s toolkit. With these six unique, double-headed shapers, creating beautifully detailed flower petals, curls, ruffles, and clean fondant seams for cakes, cupcakes, and treats has never been easier. There are six color coded designs - red, orange, green, yellow, dark blue and light blue - with custom tips to perfectly mold sugar arts creations:

The red “TRI-TIP CHISEL” has multiple capabilities. Create detailed and straight lines, deep grooves and notches, as well as intricate fabric textures and angled folds for wedding cakes. The TRI-TIP is also great for embossing, tucking, or producing beautifully modeled features.

The orange “BONE CHISEL” can be used to gently attach, move, and adjust delicate sugar ribbons, ruffles, sugar flowers, and other fragile decorations without ripping them. It creates unique indentions and textures while also allowing its sugar artist to smooth out trenches and grooves along the way.

The green “ROUND TIP CHISEL” features a strategically designed oval shape which is perfect for making impressions. It can be used for creating textures like fish and dragon scales and snakes (let your imagination run wild) on sculpted cakes. It also helps easily shape complex pieces including dimensional swirls, spirals, and elaborate wave textures.

The yellow “SQUARE TIP CHISEL” is perhaps the most versatile of all the Sugar Shapers™. It has endless capabilities and can be used to blend seams, correct mistakes, smooth air bubbles and clean lines or edges. Create a seamless look when working with tiered cakes by employing the Square Tip Chisel to smooth or seal edges as you use sugar paste. It’s an excellent tool for creating quilted or pleated patterns as well as deep grooves and lines on sugar arts.

The dark blue “LIP CHISEL” is perfect for creating concave or cupped shapes including bows, petals, and curved features.

The light blue “POINTED CHISEL” creates detailed textures like stitching, fabric folds, and tracing patterns. Sugar artists can rely on its sharp heads to create a beautiful aesthetic when embossing fine details on the tops or sides of cake.