While online grocery shopping and meal kits are the focal point of many retailers' initiatives these days, Gallup recently released a report that says most U.S. adults aren't necessarily into either.

The report says that 84 percent of U.S. adults never order groceries online and 89 percent never order meal prep kits. It claims that most Americans are more inclined to simplify mealtime by ordering takeout or by going out to eat. Fifty-three percent say they order takeout twice a month or less and 31 percent say they do once a week or more. Half of respondents say they eat out twice a month or less while 45 percent say they do at least once a week.

Meanwhile, 81 percent say they shop for groceries in person once a week or more, according to Gallup. 

The findings mark the first time Gallup has measured Americans' reliance on meal prep kits, takeout food and dining in this format.