The manufacturer of the ventless kitchen deep fryer AutoFry will spotlight three new products at the National Restaurant Association’s annual show May 19-22 in Chicago.

Northborough, Massachusetts-based Motion Technology Inc.’s new products include:

  • VentaGrill. A high-efficiency electric griddle with its own built in ventilation and fire suppression system.  From bacon and eggs, to burgers and steaks, VentaGrill is the perfect solution for any business looking to add grilled items to their menu, without the hassle or expense of adding a dedicated Type I hood system.
  • AutoFry Mini-C. MTI expands its line of ventless fryers with a new, single-serve, double basket countertop model AutoFry. The model is compact and perfect for businesses looking to promote a made-to-order concept.  Just like its counterparts, the AutoFry Mini-C is fully automated and enclosed, and its Simplifry technology offers multiple programmable presets, standby mode, heat/time compensation intelligence, and four language presets. 
  • MultiChef XL. MTI improves its line of high speed ovens, presenting the MultiChef XL as an even faster option to its predecessor. The new MultiChef XL uses convection, rapid impinged air, bottom infrared, and precision microwave to reduce cook times without sacrificing food quality. A two-step cooking process means every menu item is just a few taps away, perfect for a busy kitchen.