Rational has now perfected cooking different dishes at the same time, making rush hour in the kitchen a walk in the park.  Rational has tested which foods can be cooked together in a single unit and have saved these dishes as a shopping cart in its SelfCookingCenter. This means customers can quickly produce up to 30% more food and consume up to 70% less energy compared to a traditional kitchen without a combi-steamer.

Anyone who owns a Rational SelfCookingCenter will have a stress-free kitchen even during hectic rushes. "As our customers prepare different products at the same time, they make optimal use of their unit and even save money, energy, and time during peak business hours," says Chef Sascha Barby, Product Manager at Rational AG.

The company guarantees its customers superior food quality with no flavor transfer. In addition, the food is always fresh because the chef only has to prepare the exact quantity needed. Since he/she does not need to turn, monitor, or adjust the food, he/she saves time that can be spent on other tasks during preparation.  Simply retrieve the shopping cart, make flexible adjustments if needed, and off he/she goes.

"Our customers can create their own shopping carts and save the products that they want to cook together in their SelfCookingCenter or they can use the shopping carts Rational has already created for them," explains Chef Barby. There are more than 30 shopping carts since Rational expanded the range and took into account the products and preferences of different countries.

For the US and Canadian markets, there have been four shopping carts that have been saved in the new SelfCookingCenter. These shopping carts are for breakfast, à la carte, steaming, and school snacks.  “These additional shopping carts will give kitchens the ability to be flexible and cater and adapt to its customers’ needs,” states Fredrik Rasmusson, Corporate Chef for RATIONAL North America.

Customers who already own a SelfCookingCenter can download the new shopping carts for free in ClubRATIONAL at www.club-rational.com. The appropriate recipes are provided there as well. "At the same time, our customers will also get new ideas for their menus," adds Chef Barby.