Millennial parents are more brand-loyal, socially conscious and reliant on technology when they shop.

Those are among the findings of a new poll by the Washington, D.C.-based National Retail Federation.

Forty-nine percent of millennial parents remain loyal to a brand even if there are cheaper options, compare to 30 percent of parents from other generations, according to the poll. And 44 percent of millennials only shop at stores that reflect their social or political values, compared to 23 percent of other parents.

Millennial parents also are much more likely to use technology to aid their shopping experience. Seventy-eight percent use their phones to research products, compared to 58 percent of other parents. Seventy-five percent use them to check prices or availability, and 71 percent use them to pay at checkout or place an order — both significantly higher figures than for other parents.

The study also found that millennial parents are more likely to use same-day shipping than parents of other generations — 86 percent vs. 67 percent. They’re also more willing to pay for convenience: only 53 percent expect free shipping on small orders, compared to 66 percent of other parents.