Fresh foods continue to be a key driver for why many shoppers head to the store regurlarly, according to a new report from Acosta.

The company's report, "Trip Drivers: Top Influencers Driving Shopper Traffic," notes that 37 percent of shoppers make multiple trips weekly to ensure their food is fresh. Each generational group surveyed agreed they make multiple trips or have multiple deliveries to receive the freshest food, including 65 percent of millennials, 47 percent of Gen X and 25 percent of baby boomers.

The report says fruit and deli-prepared foods drive 31 percent and 29 percent of dollar growth, respectively, and that 37 percent of shoppers report they don't have time to figure out what to have for dinner. That is typically a last-minute decision.

The report also says price is an important factor as to why shoppers are traveling to different retailers within a given day or week to buy a product that is sold at multiple locations. More than 60 percent of shoppers said they shop at more than one retailer because some products are prices lower at certain stores.

“Shoppers appreciate having options, which is why we are seeing a rise in hopping from store to store for weekly grocery trips,” says Colin Stewart, Senior Vice President at Acosta. “People are motivated by not only good deals and fresh products, but also by brand loyalty, which can impact their decisions to either keep returning to a particular store, or hopping to another.”Trip Drivers: Top Influencers Driving Shopper Traffic provides an overview of this growing grocery trend, including key motivators such as price, quality, availability and convenience.