The second in a series of IRI Market Shift Studies analyses deep-discount grocery retailer Aldi and uncovers that the company has been able to capture more share of wallet from millennial shoppers than any other shopper segment, making its entrance into new markets particularly formidable.

"In fact, new stores are motivating new shoppers to try Aldi — 40 percent of first-time shoppers cited they wanted to experience a new store," the report says. "Once a shopper buys at Aldi, customer satisfaction and repeat buying rates are high, with 80 percent of shoppers saying they are extremely or very satisfied with their experience and 84 percent claiming they will definitely shop at Aldi again."

The report says Aldi's focus on value and convenience, as well as its increasing emphasis on organic and healthier products, has enabled its success with millennial shoppers. 

Aldi has plans to add more than 900 stores in the United States for a total of 2,500 stores by 2022. IRI's report analyses the expansion impact of these moves. 

"In this latest Market Shift Study, IRI is offering insights into the stores, markets and categories that are most likely to be impacted by Aldi's footprint expansion," says Fernando Salido, executive vice president of shopper analytics, consumer & shopper marketing for IRI. "With this in-depth analysis on Aldi, and its plans to become the third-largest grocery store by count in the United States, retailers and manufacturers have the opportunity to effectively meet new challenges with a better understanding of where the greatest risks are and how shoppers are thinking about their new choices."

More information about the report can be found here.