Baxter Manufacturing, a leading oven manufacturer, announced the release of its new VeraOven, a piece of kitchen equipment the company says combines the best features of rotisserie, convection and combi ovens in a space-saving category its own.

The VersaOven enables cooking, baking and steaming with an ease of operation sometimes not found in combi ovens, the company says. It is also easy to clean.

"The Baxter VersaOven is truly unique because it handles so many kinds of food and styles of cooking with terrific results," says Chef Michelle Bridges, the company's manager of bakery/culinary support. "Cooks of all skill and experience levels can easily use the VersaOven to cook racks of rotisserie-stile chicken, steam vegetables and bake moist, flavorful cakes."

The oven features a rotating interior rack for even cooking results, and a 95,000 BTU/hr in-shot burner system. it is built with a patented, self-contained steam system that generates more steam than a standard mini-rack oven. The company says it is designed to handle the daily cooking demands of the busiest delis, grocery stores and retail kitchens.

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