Deli prepared items drive 29 percent of retail sales growth, according to a new study.

“Trip Drivers: Top Influencers Driving Shopper Traffic,” a report by Jacksonville, Florida-based sales and marketing consultant Acosta, also found that 76 percent of people who grocery shop weekly visit more than one retailer per week.

Other findings of the report include:

  • Sixty percent of shoppers reported shopping at more than one retailer because "some products are priced lower at certain retailers."
  • Only 45 percent of millennials cite price as a key driver of retail hopping – this generation is more prone than the average shopper to vary their shopping based on where they are and specific brands.
  • More shoppers are choosing at which store to shop based on how much they like the store brand (53 percent of shoppers versus only 34 percent in 2011).
  • Thirty-seven percent of shoppers make multiple trips weekly to ensure their food is fresh.
  • From old to young, each generational group surveyed agreed they make multiple trips or have multiple deliveries to receive the freshest food, including 65 percent of millennials, 47 percent of generation x, 25 percent of baby boomers and 22 percent of silents.
  • Thirty-seven percent of shoppers report they don't have time to figure out what to have for dinner, saying it's typically a last-minute decision.