Deli meat sales dipped slightly across the country over last year. Total weekly sales across the United States fell from $5,375  to $5,298 per store, according to Nielsen data. Total contribution of deli meats to department sales across the U.S. slid from 20.3 to 19.8 percent.

The slight decrease was nationwide, as no region saw an improvement over the last year. The Central region saw the biggest dip in contribution to department sales, falling from 21.7 to 21 percent. The West had the slightest decrease, from 15.2 to 14.9 percent.

The East region again had the largest weekly sales per store numbers, by far, coming in at $10,068 per week, down $50 per week from the previous year. No other region had more than $5,400 in weekly sales.

Bulk deli meat accounted for 84 percent of deli meat sales while pre-sliced deli meat came in at 12 percent. Specialty deli meat accounted for the remaining 4 percent.

Four-count muffins comprised more than half (51 percent) of total US share by sub-category. Mini muffins were at 16 percent and one-count/bulk muffins were at 15 percent.

Like last year, deli meat sales were fairly even throughout the year, with a slight spike at the start of the calendar year.