Inline Plastics Corp. released its newest packaging line on Tuesday, rolling out the next generation of its Safe-T-Fresh line with PagodaWare.

The company says the uniquely shaped, exceptionally clear food packages combine Inline's patented Safe-T-Fresh tamper evident technology with an innovative pagoda shape designed to showcase contents for greater consumer appeal.

"The sleek pagoda shape creates a virtual 360-degree view of the container contents," says Inline product manager Sarah Hobson, noting that customer response to the new design was overwhelmingly positive at trade shows this summer. "When choosing packaged foods, consumers make decisions in seconds. Research has shown that more than half of US consumers find it important to see the actual product they are buying."

As part of the Safe-T-Fresh line, PagodaWare containers incorporate the company's tamper-evident and tamper-resistant tear strip locking mechanism. They are also leak resistant and resealable, making the packaging reusable.

The new PagodaWare line offers five sizes, starting at 16 ounces for grab-and-go items, all the way to 64 ounces.