Archer Daniels Midland Co. is introducing two sweetener brands: SweetRight stevia and VerySweet monk fruit. The sweeteners will be sourced through ADM’s partnership with GLG Life Tech Corp., Richmond, B.C.

SweetRight offers a range of stevia ingredients extracted from the stevia leaf. The plant-based sweeteners are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and up to 250 times as sweet as sugar. They blend well with other sweeteners, and they are process and shelf stable. SweetRight sweeteners are available in three forms: RA, RA granular and EMS enzymatically modified stevia.

VerySweet sweeteners are sourced from luo han guo fruit and are up to 200 times as sweet as sugar. The sweeteners are GRAS and may be used alone, blended or as part of a complete sweetening system.

SweetRight and VerySweet join VivaSweet sucralose in ADM’s sweetener portfolio.

“As consumers continue to look for great-tasting, healthier, lower-calorie products, we are pleased to meet formulators’ needs by offering a range of sweetener solutions that help them meet consumer demand,” said Rodney Schanefelt, director, sugar and high-potency sweeteners for Chicago-based ADM. “This expansion of our high-potency sweetener portfolio will help meet the ever-growing demand for natural, lower-calorie, ‘no-added-sugars’ foods and beverages.”