ROCHELLE PARK, NY. — Millbio North America now offers X-Tra Guard gluten-free rowan berry extract (Sòrbus aucuparia L.), a potassium sorbate alternative for mold inhibition. The ingredient adds shelf life to a product without sacrificing flavor or texture, according to the company. It performs best in non-yeast-raised baked foods such as cakes, muffins and cookies as well as sauces, dressings, dips, jams, fillings and creams.

Other ingredients from Rochelle-based Millbio North America include a gluten-free fermented brown rice flour used in baked foods to prolong shelf life and a cultured dextrose that provides mold inhibition without affecting the leavening process.

“Millbio’s extended mold inhibition ingredient portfolio provides unprecedented solutions for clean label protection against yeast and mold spoilage in gluten-free baked goods, especially the newly launched X-Tra Guard GF rowan berry extract (that) allows for extending the shelf life of existing clean label finished products or replacing potassium sorbate and facilitating possible claims on the pack, in an easy way,” said Peter Luck, managing director.

Parent company Millbio, based in Italy,opened Millbio North Americalast year.