SEATTLE — Grass-fed beef producer American Farmers Network (AFN) announced on April 4 that it already established and implemented criteria for regeneratively raised beef standards through its network of family ranchers.

The company said it already received USDA approval to use the Regenerative Agriculture claim on its packaging for products currently distributed through retail chains across the country. 

“We are perfectly positioned to lead the effort for the regenerative movement to become a viable certification program in the United States,” said Sanin Mirvic, chief executive officer for American Farmers Network. “We hope to work closely with different regenerative alliances and organizations to help further define and strengthen certification criteria for the beef industry.”

He added that the collaboration between third-party certifying organizations will mark a significant step toward establishing transparent and concise certification standards for the beef industry. 

“With our knowledge and experience in this industry, we intend to bridge the gap between philosophical and practical methods to further instill validity, trust and credibility for all stakeholders involved,” Mirvic said.

The company will draw from regenerative agriculture principles to prioritize soil health, biodiversity and animal welfare.

With this certification, AFN wants to continue to work with its retail, foodservice and institutional partners to deploy available and regenerative raised beef to consumers nationwide. 

“We believe that better meat should be accessible to everyone,” Mirvic said. “With a certification seal backed by rigorous audits, consumers can confidently make ethical choices at the meat counter.” 

The certification criteria developed will encompass various aspects of beef production, including grazing management, soil health, animal welfare and social responsibility.