IRVINE, CALIF. — The California Avocado Commission (CAC) is rolling out a new “What’s Inside a California Avocado” advertising campaign.

The focus of the campaign is the growers in California who make a difference, highlighting the locally grown and sustainable features of California avocados.

For the video ads, the CAC visited avocado groves in San Diego and Ventura counties and spoke with two multi-generational family growers, the Serratos and Lambs.

“This campaign is about confidently leaning into what makes California avocados different and special compared to other origins,” said Terry Splane, CAC vice president of marketing. “The Commission seeks to elevate California avocado demand by reminding shoppers they are locally grown and sustainably farmed and create some FOMO by emphasizing they are only available for a limited time.”

The new ads will stream and air through the summer. The campaign involves video, audio and custom digital partnerships to target avocado shoppers and drive more retail sales.

The ads are also playing at Volta electric vehicle charging stations directly in select retailer parking lots.

The CAC said a new initiative for this year is targeted ads on Yelp, based on consumers’ zip codes, searches, and interests.

The campaign kicked off in March with influencers visiting California avocado groves and showcasing where the avocados come from.

“As of the end of March, only about 7% of this year’s California avocado crop has been harvested, but in April it is expected to increase significantly,” Splane said. “The sunny weather we’ve had lately in the California avocado growing regions is very welcome after so much rain and should help the fruit size up.”

The CAC said its expects peak availability to be April-July.