Vidalia onion season is just around the corner and Shuman Farms is gearing up to meet the needs of their customers with enhanced capabilities and a focus on consumer education.

Promising Crop Outlook

Thanks to ideal weather conditions, the 2024 Vidalia onion crop is shaping up to be strong. With 2,800 acres of Vidalia onions in the ground, Shuman Farms, in the wake of its acquisition of Generation Farms, has solidified its position as one of the largest grower/shippers in the industry. “This expansion not only boosts their capacity but also underscores our dedication to meeting the increasing demand for sweet onions,” said John Shuman, President & CEO of Shuman Farms. “We are fully committed to delivering exceptional service to meet our retail partners’ needs”.

John Shuman, President & CEO of Shuman Farms

John Shuman, President & CEO of Shuman Farms

| Source: © Shuman Farms

Official Ship Date Announcement

Mark your calendars! The official ship date for Vidalia onions has been set for April 17th. Shuman Farms will be offering both conventional and organic Vidalia onions in bulk and in various sized bags, ensuring that their retail partners have ample options to meet their customers' preferences. 

Expansion and Acquisition Success

Shuman Farms, in partnership with a prominent investor in the agriculture sector, has successfully completed the acquisition of Generation Farms, enabling them to assume full operational control over Generation’s land and facilities. This milestone project, made possible by the success of their Vidalia and Peruvian sweet onion programs, represents the largest endeavor to date for the organization.

Enhanced Capabilities

“With the addition of Generation Farms' assets, we have expanded our Vidalia onion program by 30 percent,” Shuman continued. “Furthermore, our packing capabilities have been bolstered, and capital improvements to our existing facilities have increased our storage capacity by nearly 25 percent. These enhancements enable us to continue distributing Vidalia onions through Labor Day, ensuring a steady supply for you and your customers.”

Focus on Edutainment

In addition to expanding their operations, Shuman Farms is placing a renewed emphasis on edutainment this season. The organization has recognized the importance of educating consumers, particularly the next generation of shoppers, on the culinary versatility and health benefits of Vidalia onions. Through entertaining and engaging content, they aim to empower consumers with the knowledge and skills to incorporate fresh ingredients like Vidalia onions into their meals.

Vidalia Merchandising displaySource: © Shuman Farms

Maximizing Sales Opportunities

“We are encouraging our retail partners to maximize sales by strategically merchandising Vidalia onions throughout the produce department, alongside complementary items such as peppers, mushrooms, avocados, tomatoes, and summer squash,” Shuman commented. “Our full-color, high-graphic secondary display bins are perfect for showcasing Vidalia onions not only in the produce department but also in high-traffic areas like the meat department, offering customers the ideal add-on item to their purchases.” By leveraging secondary display units and other promotional materials throughout the store, retailers can capitalize on sales opportunities and assist consumers with their meal planning needs.

The 2024 Vidalia onion season promises to be one of abundance and opportunity. With their expanded capabilities, commitment to education, and strategic merchandising recommendations, Shuman Farms is poised to partner with you in driving sales and satisfying the appetites of consumers across the nation.