SAN FRANCISCO — Ingredient and food technology company Treasure8 has partnered with plant-based beverage producer Suja Life.

The collaboration will utilize Treasure8’s patented USDA Sauna dehydration technology to upcycle waste streams from Suja Life’s ready-to-drink products into premium powders. In addition to reducing waste, the partnership will develop the powders with decreased production time, cost, energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, according to the companies.

“Working with Suja Life is a key step for us to accelerate our partnership platform to further scale our upcycling ingredient pipeline as effectively as we can,” said Timothy Childs, founder and co-chief executive officer of Treasure8. “By partnering with industry leaders like Suja Life, we are creating a circular value loop by producing more nutritious ingredients through upcycled material that reduces CO2 emissions, cuts costs and, eventually, creates valuable outputs to improve soil health for farmers.”

The companies plan to also explore a variety of vertical integration opportunities and product portfolio enhancements over the next five years, along with introducing regenerative practices to Suja Life’s ingredient growers.

“We’re looking to elevate our global food system, transforming what is now very much a chain into something that’s much more circular in nature,” said Derk Hendriksen, co-chief executive officer at Treasure8. “Upcycling is just one part of this strategy.”