Butterball introduces new dinner solutions that make mealtime more convenient for families – Butterball Every Day Turkey Chops, Grillers Turkey Chops and Chef Selects. These innovative products provide families with ways to add flavor to their dinner routines and serve a homemade dish any night of the week.

Expanding the brand’s dinner offerings, Butterball presents two inventive turkey chop products:

Unseasoned turkey chops made from 98 percent fat free, fresh cuts of turkey

Grillers marinated in two flavors – barbeque and applewood smoke

Both products are sized to fit any grill, include four turkey chops per package, and are ready in less than eight minutes – ideal for any busy family, any day of the week.

With 24 percent fewer calories and 50 percent less fat than regular pork chops, Butterball Turkey Chops and Grillers are better-for-you and made with two innovative processes. Butterball is the only turkey company to use I-55 portioning equipment to ensure high-quality, consistent turkey chop size for cooking and preparation as well as exclusive vacuum skin packaging for maximum freshness and product visibility.

“Consumers continue to desire better-for-you dinner solutions that their families will love,” says Heather Sheffield, brand manager of innovation and licensing for Butterball. “Butterball is proud to fill that gap and be a leader in highly innovative packaging technology to offer expanded meal options that gets dinner to the table quickly.”

Additionally, Butterball is offering Every Day Chef Selects, providing families with three original products that allow them to serve turkey dinners in minutes with limited preparation. Chef Selects come in three varieties: Turkey Breast & Gravy, Turkey Meatloaf and Turkey Pot Roast & Vegetables. Fully cooked and ready in minutes, Butterball Chef Selects are quick and easy options for any dinner occasion.