WESTMINSTER, COLO. – Coleman All Natural Meats, the leading legacy all-natural meat brand since 1875, has launched a new rebranding effort to support the company’s strategic shift into more branded consumer retail and expand nationally into foodservice outlets. 

The move comes in response to positive customer feedback as well as growing consumer desire for claim-based meats, such as no antibiotics ever, no added hormones and humanely raised crate free pork. 

"In recent years, consumers have become increasingly more knowledgeable about where their food comes from and in turn, demand greater transparency and clarity with food package claims," said Patricia Bridges, Coleman’s Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications. "One third of consumers say that no antibiotics ever is a priority when purchasing meat, so as we looked to grow new consumer-focused categories, we knew the look and feel of Coleman’s brand had to accurately reflect our key differentiating claims important to our shoppers.”

Coleman conducted a series of consumer focus groups, in-depth interviews and a national online survey that tested design elements, packaging attributes and claims as part of the rebranding efforts. As a result, the all-natural premium brand will unveil a new logo and packaging that celebrates the brand’s family farm heritage and commitment to all-natural,humanely raised crate free pork sourced from American farmers, with no antibiotics ever, no added hormones and fed an all-vegetarian diet. The new packaging also features the tagline 

“Always Natural Since 1875,” which speaks to the longevity of the brand, against the background of a bright contemporary designed farm with clean, easy-to-read typeface. 

“For nearly 150 years my family has committed to high standards for animal care and quality ingredients. This has been part of our family business since the beginning. We believe saying ‘no’ is a good thing. If it’s not right for the families we serve and the animals our farmers raise, we say ‘no’ and always will,” said Mel Coleman Jr., 5th generation Coleman Family Member, spokesperson for Coleman All Natural Meats. 

“The brand refresh will make it easier for consumers to clearly see and understand our key claims, which include No Antibiotics Ever, No Added Hormones and humanely raised which are prominent on our new package. These are claims that are of interest to consumers and we as an organization are committed to working with US farmers who Humanely Raise their hogs crate free and are fed an all-vegetarian diet. These claims and raising practices will be important communication pillars as we begin to rollout into retailers and foodservice nationwide,” said Bart Vittori, Sr., General Manager and Vice President of Coleman All Natural Meats.

With the new logo and packaging, consumers will see a bigger on-shelf presence from Coleman as the brand expands various product lines including fresh primals and case ready pork, dinner sausage, ground pork and bacon, meeting consumer’s increased interest in new, exciting on trend flavors. 

In addition, Coleman will shift all pork production to Heritage Duroc – known for abundant marbling which results in a more tender, juicy and flavorful pork, making it more accessible for chefs and home cooks to enjoy as 76% of the brand’s survey respondents noted they may choose a brand of bacon or fresh pork if it has Heritage Duroc labeling.

Coleman’s new packaging will start showing up in grocery retail in April 2024 with line expansions beginning to show up nationwide throughout the year.