Cayuga, Ontario-based Cayuga Displays' showcases are designed to display your refrigerated products at 38-41°F. Showcases are designed to perform correctly when placed in environmental conditions of maximum 75°F and 55% relative humidity.

When selecting a showcase and placing it in your store environment, you need to consider the following:

1. Consider nearby doorways

A location near a doorway will affect the airflow and holding temperature of open and closed showcases.

2. Consider nearby windows

Direct sunlight will affect the holding temperature of open or closed showcases.

3. Consider nearby vent sources and fans

HVAC ceiling vents and ceiling fans will affect the airflow of open showcases and could create condensation on the glass of closed showcases.

4. Ensure your display is level and plumb

Allow for proper drainage of condensation water.

5. Leave appropriate space behind displays

A 6-inch space is required behind any showcase that is against a wall or has a rear obstruction.

6. Clean your display

Use the included brush to regularly wipe away dust. Too much dust will not allow the refrigeration to work properly and could result in damage.

7. No warm product in the case

Refrigerated displays are designed to keep cold product cold — they are not designed to bring warm product down to a cold temperature. For food safety, it is always imperative that warm product be properly chilled (using a blast chiller or cold room) prior to storing in the refrigerated display case.

8. Noise

Self-contained cases have compressor motors and fans, and these will make noise, just as your household refrigerator makes noise. Keeping your showcase serviced and clean will help keep the noise level under control.

This article is an excerpt from the November 2023 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Perimeter Design feature and more in the digital edition here.