Wal-Mart expanded its Walmart Pay mobile wallet to around 1,000 stores this week, rolling out availability in Texas and Arkansas.

The mobile wallet allows customers to use their smartphone to pay for instore purchases. It works with any smartphone with the capability of downloading the Wal-Mart app and can store gift cards and save digital receipts. The app also allows customers to upload their receipts to a “Saving Catcher,” which will automatically reimburse shoppers the price difference if any items purchases were sold at another retailer for a lower price.

The service was first launched in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma and is slated to go nationwide by the end of June.

“The Walmart app was bult to make shopping faster and easier,” says Neil Ashe, president and CEO of Walmart Global eCommerce. “Walmart Pay is the latest example — and a powerful addition — of how we are transforming the shopping experience by seamlessly connecting online, mobile and stores for the 140 million customers who shop with us weekly.”