Rondo’s automated Smartline can sheet a wide range of doughs, including cookies, croissants, ciabatta, pizza, and even high hydration and soft doughs like focaccia. In addition, it can calibrate dough bands down to a size of 0.4 mm.

“For me, the Smartline means versatility in ways, more than just dough processing (in-line sheeting),” said Matthew Andresen, a test baker/demonstrator for Rondo. “It is a convertible unit designed with the capability to be coupled with other Rondo equipment specific to the customer’s needs. I like working with the Smartline for this reason, as well as the many outcomes you can achieve given our assistance and your innovation.”

This machine creates a uniform slack dough band with a pivoting satellite head, giving bakeries a weight-accurate product. It is a customizable line with additional calibrators, cross rollers, dough band formers and more.