Barry Callebaut, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products, presents its unique Cameroon origin cocoa powder at the ISM 2013 in Cologne. This cocoa powder is the first Cameroon origin cocoa powder on the market. At the company's booth, visitors are offered a special tasting of cakes made with Cameroon origin cocoa powder.

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Answering to the growing demand for authenticity, Barry Callebaut is proud to present this Cameroon origin cocoa powder. The company is the first and only cocoa and chocolate manufacturer to offer cocoa powder originating from Cameroon, bringing with it unique taste characteristics.  

Its presence in Cameroon enables Barry Callebaut to source beans directly from the local cocoa farming communities and to directly process them in the country. The origin cocoa powder reflects the typical characteristics of the cocoa variety and the specific soil and climate conditions of Cameroon, leading to its unique flavor.

The cocoa powder, available in low and high fat, has a premium taste profile characterized by a delicate hint of smokiness and cocoa notes. With its characteristic dark red color, the new cocoa powder opens up endless possibilities especially for bakery applications.