Design Phase, in conjunction with FLEx Lighting, has developed a brand new point of purchase media called The InvisiSign. The patented ultra-thin, flexible and clear optical film technology is positioned to change the way shoppers are influenced at the point of purchase.

The role of point-of-purchase engagement is becoming more important as retailers continue to find new ways to enhance the shopping experience. And for brands, that means getting that attention at the most opportune moment, just when they're ready to buy. With The InvisiSign offering more ways to engage the customer, the retail environment, specifically brick and mortar stores, are finding that the technology application goes beyond the online experience.

The film is completely invisible and is activated with a special motion sensor when shoppers come within 10 feet.  After catching the consumer's attention and emphasizing the brand or message, the sign "disappears," leaving the shopper looking directly at the product.

"An important part of the success of this technology is that it offers us the ability to project four color images, with a strong brand message, at just the right moment. The applications are far reaching from cooler doors, shelf signage, and even 360° bottle glorifiers," says Mike Eckert, president of Design Phase.

The InvisiSign product combines optical film, which is thinner than human hair, with a proprietary technology that projects the LED light into the film. This then illuminates a specially designed micro pattern to deliver a very eye-catching and engaging message.

"This technology first revolutionized display lighting in the wearable electronics and defense industries, and what it can achieve with the InvisiSign in the retail industry is just as exciting. We're already seeing brands use it in ways they never thought achievable before in point-of-purchase displays," responds Mike Casper, president of FLEx Lighting.