Anchor Packaging, Inc. announces a new line of tamper-evident food containers, jointly developed over a 2-year period, with the input of actual consumers. This breakthrough design, SAFE PINCH, is virtually leak-proof, eliminates the sharp edges associated with many existing tamper-evident containers, and does not leave the user with a plastic strip or tab to dispose of. The consumer feedback and design sessions were coordinated by Metaphase, a world leader specializing in the research, ergonomics and design of products and packaging.

“Through these sessions conducted by Metaphase, we found that consumers overwhelmingly prefer a simple, intuitive, one-step opening design”, said Jeffrey Wolff, president of Anchor Packaging, “and with our aging population, large, easy-grip tab features were deemed essential. These two design elements are at the heart of the SAFE PINCH product line.”

The intuitive, “PINCH” feature, boldly embossed on the hinge of the container, sends a clear message on how to open the SAFE PINCH package. The audible sound and feel of the breaking hinge, as it’s pinched, lets the consumer know it is working. Visible, wide separation of the opened hinge makes it easy for store personnel, or consumers, to identify tampered product. The easy to open, and easy to reclose, features are just a few of the many characteristics that consumers cited as what they preferred, in the SAFE PINCH design, versus existing containers.

SAFE PINCH containers are perfect for ambient-temperature displays of assorted dry foods like nuts, snack mixes, candy, baked goods and dried fruit. These packages also work well for refrigerated fresh food applications, such as salads, cut fruit and sandwiches.

Large, clear windows with minimal ribbing offer maximum food visibility and the secure stackable design creates an eye-catching display. The easy to close, leak-resistant design works well in both manual and automated applications, making this product line ideal for local commissaries and food processors.

The SAFE PINCH packages, made with FDA approved, post-consumer recycled PETE, are reusable and recyclable curbside. These crystal-clear hinged packages are now available as part an extensive line of grab-and-go packaging.  The latest, of many new shapes and sizes planned for this year, are 7” x 6” in 20, 24, and 32-ounce sizes.