In light of the rising population and increasingly sophisticated lifestyle choices of Hollywood, Gelson's Markets, one of California's premier supermarket chains, has entered into a lease for its second Hollywood location. The vibrant new development, to be distinguished by a metal and glass façade with louvered accents and rooftop parking, will be built at a prime location, the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Gardner Street.

"We are very excited to announce our second location in Hollywood, which will be developed by Cadence Capital Investments, LLC," says Rob McDougall, Gelson's president and CEO. The success of Gelson's current Hollywood location on Franklin Avenue and the continued influx of residents has made further development in the community necessary," explained McDougall.  "With the trendsetting, healthy lifestyle of residents in the area, coupled with a high regard for quality food and wine, we know the local community will be pleased to have a one-stop shop for their busy, active lives."

While the development and construction of the ground-up project is subject to all needed governmental approvals, among other factors, the new Hollywood Gelson's is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2018.