The Packaging Solutions Group of Veritiv Corporation has announced the availability of Earth Pact Sugar Cane Paperboard, a material made from 100 percent pure sugar cane bagasse, an agricultural by-product of sugar manufacturing.

"Earth Pact is just one example of Veritiv's commitment to providing sustainable packaging solutions for the future," said Darin Tang, Senior Vice President – Packaging Solutions for Veritiv. "From new coating technologies to renewable resources, Veritiv is at the cutting edge of today's technology for sustainable packaging."

Exclusive to Veritiv, Earth Pact Sugar Cane Paperboard, developed in partnership with Carvajal Pulp and Paper, is well-suited for a variety of packaging applications in the food, cosmetics and similar industries. Earth Pact Sugar Cane Paperboard offers a range of features and benefits, including:
• Made from 100% pure sugar cane bagasse
• No bleach, chemical, or dyes
• Moisture and grease resistant grades available
• Rapid renewable resource, grown year round, harvested every 12-14 months

To learn more about Veritiv's Earth Pact Sugar Cane Paperboard and view a product video visit the Earth Pact website.