Emmi Fondü is giving fondue a modern twist with bold and interesting flavor options.

In America, fondue began gaining widespread interest in the 1960s after its introduction at the New York World’s Fair. Today, fondue is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. One reason is that fondue is social and versatile. It’s served in a communal pot and is often enjoyed in the company of good friends.

Cheese lovers choose our all-natural fondue because they can use it in a variety of creative ways. They can dip crusty breads, fruit, meat or vegetables in our easy-to-prepare fondue. Plus, they can play with seasonings like Sriracha, nutmeg or paprika. And now cheese fans can try new Family Fondü that’s alcohol free and works great as a cheese sauce.

To reflect the new spirit of fondue, we’ve introduced new modern packaging and the Emmi Fondü FunDude. He’s a wild new fun-loving character who’s a fondue fanatic.

Choose from three varieties, all ready made and easy to use.

1. Original Fondü
Takes the authentic taste from premium natural Swiss cheese and adds wine and spices for a truly original fondue experience.

2. Family Fondü
This alcohol free fondue has the same great fondue flavor and is perfect for families. And, it works great as a cheese sauce.

3. Fresh Blend Fondü
Blends natural Emmentaler and Le Gruyère AOP cheeses together, creating a creamy and buttery flavor with a nutty undertone.