AUSTIN, TEXAS — With the goal of expanding research and developmentRevol Greens has named Mohammed Oufattole chief technology officer. 

Oufattole brings over 20 years of experience in life sciences and agricultural biotechnology research, and he has led a broad range of crop improvement applications and multiple R&D programs. He also has successfully led research teams through start-up funding cycles.  

“Since our inception, Revol Greens has pursued a dual-continent R&D strategy, with much of our testing and development conducted at our R&D center in the Netherlands, where the art and science of greenhouse growing was perfected and also in close proximity to our strategic partners,” said Michael  Wainscott, chief executive officer at Revol Greens. “Mohammed will guide the expansion of our US-based R&D program, build our domestic R&D team in Austin, and leverage his expertise in data and plant biology to increase production, environmental controls and automation.” 

In the chief technology officer post, Oufattole will oversee Revol Greens’ variety selection and farm digitization strategy from Revol’s Austin-based location, near its 20-acre Temple, Texas greenhouse that is under construction, and will drive varietal improvements to bring tastier and more nutritious products to the market. 

Mohammed joins Revol Greens from Benson Hill, where he served as VP of research and development for nearly six yearsPrior to joining Benson Hill, Mohammed spent 10 years with Bayer Crop Science, where he served in multiple scientific leadership positions within the Ag Biotechnology division, including an assignment as Director of the company’s Biotech Research Center in India.   

Revol Greens is an innovation-first company and I’ve been impressed with their commitment to bringing more high-quality greens to households across the country through sustainable growing methods,” says Oufattole. “From its Plant-Fed Organic nutrient source to its water-saving practices, and high-quality lettuce varieties grown at scale, I am looking forward to helping redefine our food system practices and deliver healthier more sustainable food options.” 

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