From Dr. Oz to National Geographic and the Chicago Tribune, humane animal care is in the spotlight on topics from state-level laws, to nationwide health concerns. Consumers not only look for better-for-you meat, they don’t balk at the higher price points. Below we unmask some of the trends that are top of mind and how brands like Coleman Natural Foods can boost basket size.

It is clear that consumers are becoming more aware of how their food gets from farm to fork and committed to bring better meat to the table. Even more attention has been brought to the meat industry in the past year due to Covid-19 outbreaks and supply chain challenges. When their favorite cut of meat was no longer on the shelf, the blinders came off that food doesn’t just come from the store.

According to the Power of Meat 2021 there is no doubt that consumers are becoming more educated about the raising practices behind the meat they eat: four out of the five top claims shoppers want from their meat department are directly related to the way animals are raised. With the upcoming deadline for Proposition 12 in California, Question 3 in Massachusetts and the action of 10 other states over the past 10 years to provide more humane raising conditions for animals raised for food, these demands are making their way into law.

And it’s not just about making things better for the animal. With the Covid-19 pandemic, people have a more heightened awareness of health, wellness and immunity. 

A new national poll showed antibiotic-free labels are important to two-thirds of Americans1 and it is only likely to increase. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified antibiotic resistance as “one of the biggest public health challenges of our time." If there is anything consumers can do to avoid another health crisis as we continue to weather the current pandemic, they will add it to their shopping list.

While shoppers care about buying no-antibiotics-ever meat, only 26 percent1 say they believe these claims on meat labels “most of the time”. 

Greenwashing and a sea of logos, health claims and dozens of options for things as simple as peanut butter, leave consumers fatigued and looking for a clear, concise way to trust that a product is better. One way to do that is through third-party certification. 

Having a seal on a product that verifies humane raising practices, such as American Humane Certified, is important to 65 percent2 of consumers when purchasing pork products. That number is even higher for millennials at 75 percent2

Mi2bIvuQ.jpegSource: Coleman Natural Foods, Photo by Pam Farley

And of course, they trust a friend or peer even more. Parents in particular look to recommendations of other parents. Trusted seals like the Parent Tested Parent Approved seal of approval make 86 percent of consumers more confident about purchasing a product, and 76 percent3 said it reinforced brand loyalty.

The seals may make the sale from a consumer confidence perspective, but what about when it comes to cash on hand? Are consumers willing to pay more? The answer is a resounding yes. The majority are willing (75 percent1) to pay more for meat if it means guarding safety concerns and feeling confident they are feeding their family better. 

GrowthClaims.pngSource: Coleman Natural Foods, IRI Fresh Pork, 52 Weeks Ending 3/21/21, Total US – Multi Outlet

And this trend is already showing up at the register. Antibiotic-free products across categories are seeing growth in sales, while prices remain up to 90 percent higher than commodity prices. Eggs are on average priced 89 percent higher when "better-for-you" claims don the cartons, and yet saw a 14 percent growth rate in the past year. Milk, one of the first products to tout no added hormones or added antibiotics, has seen year-over-year growth in the "better-for-you" category while pricing 102% above commodity4.

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2 American Humane 2019 CARAVAN survey conducted by Engine

3 Parent Tested Parent Approved independent research study of 4,500 moms

4 Source: IRI Fresh Pork, 52 Weeks Ending 3/21/21, Total US – Multi Outlet