Ahold USA is bringing a fresh format to Allston, Massachusetts. The concept is called Bfresh, touted as “small in size but big on fresh, organic values.”

The Boston Herald reports that the project is from Fresh Formats LLC. “Fresh Formats LLC is developing a new grocery shopping experience that will be introduced later this year,” Suzi Robinson, Brand/Retail Innovation Manager for Fresh Formats, told the Boston Herald.

Tweets and Facebook posts are announcing the new concept to Allston residents. The company also released a video asking the people what is missing from its food shopping experience.

The Bfresh store will reportedly be larger than the 3,000 square foot Everything Fresh located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Everything Fresh is a brand that Ahold USA continues to develop.

After experimenting with an urban grocery concept called Everything Fresh at a small store on Walnut Street in Philadelphia, Ahold USA is reportedly seeking to eventually open eight stores throughout the city, according to published reports.

The high-end markets would run from 10,000 square feet to as much as 20,000 square feet though the spaces could be smaller. They would cater to consumers looking for fresh, organic produce and prepared meals.