DENVER — Impulsify Inc. has launched ImpulseBuy – an auto-replenishment program powered by their cloud-based Retail Management System, ImpulsePoint. The woman-owned retail software company specializes in simplifying retail operations to enable non-retail businesses to offer grab-and-go retail in their common areas. 

ImpulseBuy will utilize the inventory tracking component in ImpulsePoint to automatically replenish stock levels based on real-time inventory. The system will auto-receive inventory based on quantities ordered to reduce overhead burdens for the stores who are often self-service driven and have a single property manager with many responsibilities. 

"This solution is painfully overdue for our industry," said Janine Williams, chief executive officer of Impulsify. "We have food distributors that don't have technology to track stock levels at these small format micro-markets, and software companies that don't have retail product to ship them. Our clients end up with a really cool amenity their customers want - but it sits empty because they are too busy running their core business to stay on top of retail inventory. That's a problem to solve." 

Impulsify is partnering with multiple national food, beverage, sundry and gift distribution companies to deliver product to their customers based on the data contained in ImpulsePoint.  With auto-procurement, Impulsify anticipates the increased order frequency and higher in-stock rates on best sellers will bring significantly higher revenue results to the operator with less effort. The program will be offered on a SaaS basis as an optional upgrade to the monthly ImpulsePoint subscription.