SAN FRANCISCO — Nobell Foods has raised $75 million to introduce cheeses made from plant-derived dairy proteins, supporting its larger mission of creating a “radically more humane and sustainable food system,” according to the company. 

Founded and led by Magi Richani, Nobell creates key dairy proteins, including casein, from high-quality soybeans, enabling the brand to make cheeses that taste, smell, melt, stretch, and even age like those made from animals. The company plans to launch its cheeses by the end of next year. 

Nobell's patented approach to making dairy from plants is the result of more than four years of research and development. An engineer by training, Richani understood the crucial role essential dairy proteins - caseins - play in giving cheese the qualities customers love.  

Richani and her team at Nobell discovered how to recreate this genetic code in soybean seeds and grow plants that have the same dairy caseins found in animal milks. Today, Nobell can produce more caseins per acre more efficiently, sustainably, and cost-effectively than cows. Using proprietary processes, Nobell extracts the caseins and uses them to make delicious cheese. Nobell will use funds from its Series B round to expand its team and farming partnerships, scale production and bring its product to market.