AUSTIN, MINN. - Shoppers can enjoy Texas barbecue at home this summer with Sadler’s Smokehouse’s newest product line-up of ready-to-eat beef brisket, pulled pork, pulled chicken and St. Louis ribs. 

The new line of Sadler's Smokehouse products is pit-smoked low and slow for 16 to 18 hours, using butcher-quality cuts of meat, no artificial ingredients, Texas hardwoods and 65 years of family barbeque tradition. 

"First and foremost, these products come already prepared in the tradition of real Texas barbeque, giving home barbeque enthusiasts and cooks the freedom to enjoy more time together while experiencing the taste of authentic pit-smoked barbeque," said Justin Robinson, vice president of marketing at Sadler's Smokehouse. "Our pit masters are experts in barbeque, monitoring our pits to achieve a premium-quality product. They take the work out of strenuousness barbeque planning without sacrificing quality and taste."  

The ready-to-eat products retail at $9.99 for pulled pork and pulled chicken, $9.99 per pound for St. Louis ribs and $15.99 per pound for beef brisket.