Schmacon is the next exciting thing in bacon. Schmacon is made with whole-muscle beef and a proprietary spice blend inspired by its inventor’s deli roots. The recipe is all natural and nitrate free.  A patent-pending process gives Schmacon the crispy finish that rivals that of traditional pork bacon. The result is an easy to prepare, delicious to eat take on a food favorite that provides an option for those who do not eat pork products, simply love beef, or welcome a tasty alternative to ordinary bacon.

Schmacon looks and smells as tantalizing as bacon, crisps up like bacon, and cooks like bacon (in only a fraction of the time). It fully satisfies with delicious all-beef flavor, but is a much healthier alternative. With less calories, fat and sodium than most ordinary bacons, Schmacon is primed to become a not-so-guilty pleasure.

Schmacon is a 2014 recipient of the competitive Food and Beverage Innovation (FABI) awards from the National Restaurant Show. Judges heralded Schmacon as a product with “bold imagination” and “great potential to help [restaurant] operators capitalize on consumer trends and drive operator success.”

Schmacon has been available to the foodservice market for just over a year. Building on that success, Schmacon is set to be available in a retail package in June of 2015 and will be available in grocery stores nationwide. 

“Schmacon is different, delicious and unlike anything else on the market. The taste and texture are incomparable.” says Howard Bender, the inventor of Schmacon and CEO of Schmaltz Products, the producer of Schmacon. “Schmacon delivers what taste buds want.”

As a revolutionary new menu item, Schmacon helps restaurant operators, chefs and home cooks deliver creative, flavorful, innovative items for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“Great taste is the key.  Schmacon enables restaurants to offer a more personalized experience, such as an upgrade to beef or a healthier option that adds flavor and crunch to current food trends,” says Bender.  “At home Schmacon is an easy and delicious way to add beef to any meal. It can top a burger, wrap around vegetables, or used as a topping on potatoes or mac and cheese.

Schmacon is presenting at the 2015 National Restaurant Association Show and attendees may sample product at the Schmaltz Retail Products booth, number 3583. Grocery stores interested in carrying Schmacon can contact Schmaltz Products through