LEAMINGTON, ONTARIO – Pure Flavor has released the second edition of its Live Deliciously eMagazine. The new release is a celebration of spring, packed with articles on greenhouse vegetable growing and product reviews to delicious recipes for consumer and trade audiences alike.  

Following the successful launch of its first edition Holiday Guide just before Christmas, Pure Flavor is developing a quarterly digital marketing strategy that delivers engaging content promoting not only the brand but the key products Pure Flavor grows year-round.

“The idea behind the Live Deliciously eMagazine is to deliver relevant, interesting and mouth-watering content in a single convenient digital format that you can flip through on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop,” said Chris Veillon, chief marketing officer. “Our Live Deliciously eMagazine is a one-stop-shop where consumers can learn about new products & how to use them or discover their next favorite recipe but more importantly, be informed in regard to important topics that relate to greenhouse growing & sustainability and the supply chain benefits in removing product seasonality.”

Throughout the eMagazine, Pure Flavor delves into topics on consumers’ minds with articles about Mindful Eating and Sustainability, a definitive guide on “Cucumber 101,” a spotlight on their Georgia Grown and Organics programs, and, of course, many more flavorful recipes.  

“Between our talented team in-house and our vast network of influencers throughout North America, we’re able to explore endless avenues with recipes of all different styles and cuisines that fit a multitude of lifestyles and food preferences,” said Veillon. “The variety in the Spring issue is really quite impressive - every recipe you find in our Live Deliciously eMagazine has been chosen to highlight the unique qualities of each product. We want consumers to be well informed for when they get to the grocery store, they are picking the right product for the right purpose."