LAKELAND, FLA. - Publix is now offering Atlantic Sapphire’s land-raised Bluehouse Salmon in all stores across its seven-state footprint.  

The expanded partnership comes after Publix was one of the earliest supporters of Bluehouse. According to the company, Bluehouse is the largest land-based aquaculture salmon farm in the United States and the only land-farmed salmon in the country that uses saltwater from an aquifer. 

“Farmed salmon is the most consumed seafood in the United States, and while there is some aquaculture salmon production in Maine, the vast majority of the product sold in the United States comes from Chile and Norway,” said Guy Pizzuti, Publix business development director for seafood. “We’re excited to work with Atlantic Sapphire to offer our customers salmon that was not only raised in the US, but in our own backyard in Florida.”