MONTEREY, CALIF. — Growers Express has opened a 24,000-square-foot frozen storage facility in San Luis, Ariz. The Growers Express Distribution Depot consolidates storage of “pick pack” and finished goods, creating a central location for shipping to industrial, food service, and retail customers.  

“We designed the Growers Express Distribution Depot to meet our customers’ expanding needs and increase efficiency to ship more than 250,000 packages each day,” said Tom Byrne, president, Growers Express. “Out of San Luis, we are now operating as a pick and pack, consolidation, storage and vendor-managed inventory facility. We have always been at the forefront of innovation – from introducing first-to-market riced cauliflower and spiralized vegetables to being one of the first to voluntarily implement the highest food safety traceability solutions. Our expertise is now being applied to the way we co-manufacture and ship products.”  

The Growers Express Distribution Depot and existing facilities focus on food safety and quality program to provide customers with the safest and highest quality food products possible.  

“The San Luis Growers Express Distribution Depot is strategically located at one of the highest-growth border crossings with Mexico, supporting our Yuma, Ariz. processing facility with efficiently-sourced quality products from Yuma, California, and Mexico,” said Mark Dendle, chief executive officer of Growers Express.