ATLANTA - Graphic Packaging International has launched a paperboard alternative to plastic punnet trays for fresh fruit and vegetables: ProducePack Punnet.  

The new product, available for all commonly used punnet sizes, is fully recyclable and reduces plastic by up to 100%, depending on the application. ProducePack Punnet offers growers and retailers the opportunity to cater to increased consumer demand for hygiene while also prioritizing sustainability. 

"As growers and producers look to move toward recyclable fiber-based solutions, they can count on our expertise to deliver value-added innovation as well as like-for-like functionality versus traditional plastic trays,” said Ricardo De Genova, Graphic Packaging's senior vice president, global innovation and new business development. “Aligned with our Vision 2025 and DfE methodology, this launch is another example of how we can partner with customers to accelerate the transition to a more circular economy." 

Designed with optimum operational efficiency in mind, ProducePack Punnet can be top-sealed at speeds equivalent to traditional plastic punnets, and it works with existing machinery and tooling for plastic trays. The packaging’s features can be customized to suit various markets and potential applications.   

"ProducePack Punnet delivers a 90% reduction in plastic when compared to polypropylene or polyester trays, and a 100% reduction if a barrier coating is not necessary for the application, "said Elodie Bugnicourt, sustainability manager for Graphic Packaging. “It is expected to provide carbon footprint reduction versus standard fossil plastic trays and a much greater circularity with an average paperboard recycling rate of more than double that of plastics, on average, in most countries."