The holidays are in full swing, which means it’s time for food, gifts, and of course, parties! Most people have a plethora of holiday get-togethers to attend this time of year, and sometimes the parties can begin to look and feel alike. Supermarket bakeries and delis can help get the party started with creative merchandising ideas.

Corporate Executive Chef of Gibsons Restaurant Group, Chef Randy Waidner, says, “There are many ways that people can ensure that their holiday festivities stand out from the crowd. You don’t want your party to get lost in the flurry of events this season.”

Here are his top five must-haves for this year’s holiday parties:

A seasonal cocktail:  The holidays wouldn’t be complete without plenty of libations, especially seasonal ones! Make your party stand out with a seasonal signature cocktail, such as drink featuring spiced rum, eggnog, or mulled wine. Include a non-alcoholic option for guests who don’t imbibe, such as Mexican hot chocolate.

Simple yet filling snacks:  Sit-down affairs require plenty of planning and they can also be hard on guests’ schedules. Most people prefer holiday parties they can pop in and out of during this busy season. Make sure you have plenty of snacks that people can eat standing up, and don’t forget to cater to all your guests, such as by having vegetarian/vegan options and avoiding recipes with common food allergies such as peanuts.

A stocking stuffer:  Don’t send your guests empty-handed. Put out holiday favors for your friends and family to take home after they leave. Think a small bag of chocolates, a personalized ornament, winter-themed cookies, or snowman candles.

The right music:  Make sure that your party is a hit by creating a wonderful playlist. Include plenty of beloved holiday favorites such as those sung by Johnny Mathis and Bing Crosby, but keep it fresh and light by including holiday music from current artists such as Mary J. Blige and Kelly Clarkson.

Beautiful décor:  It wouldn’t be the holidays without spectacular lights, snow (real or fake), and plenty of wreaths and garland. Make your home or event space as festive as possible by indulging in plenty of holiday décor—maybe you can even hand out cute Santa hats for your guests to wear!