Klosterman Bread, a family-owned bakery, has introduced Whole Grain Rich Slammer Buns. According to Klosterman, the buns are “the perfect size for sliders, kid-friendly meals, appetizers and portion control.”

Packaged 12 slider buns to a 14.57-oz bag, the Slammer Buns are made with whole white wheat flour and contain 11 grams of whole grains per bun and 90 calories per serving.

“We’re so excited to present these new Whole Grain Rich Slammer Buns because they invite consumers to enjoy Klosterman bread in a new way,” said Amy Ott of Klosterman Bread. “As are many of our other buns and breads, these are a great source of whole grains, making them ideal for health-conscious consumers looking for a delicious way to reap the nutritional benefits from their favorite foods in the perfect 90 calorie portion.”