DARIEN, CONN. - Old Amsterdam Cheese is releasing two new flavors: Old Amsterdam Mild Gouda and Old Amsterdam Reserve Gouda. The new products join a lineup that includes Old Amsterdam Classic Gouda and Old Amsterdam Goat. 

Old Amsterdam Cheese leads the Branded Aged Gouda Market in Holland, according to the company, and overall Gouda cheese continues to grow in the US and worldwide. Both Gouda and Goat cheese have risen in popularity among specialty cheeses over the past year.  

All Old Amsterdam Gouda cheese products are produced using high quality ingredients, providing a good source of calcium and protein; and being naturally lactose-free, and gluten-free. 

“We are very excited to add two delicious and appealing flavors to our Aged Gouda and Goat line,” said Rob van Mourik, commercial manager of exports for Old Amsterdam in North America. “The timing is right to diversify the current Old Amsterdam line up with more people eating at home during the pandemic and with snacking trends on the rise. The new flavors join the delicious line up of Aged Gouda and Goat Cheese offering our consumers more deliciousness The Old Amsterdam Way.” 

The Old Amsterdam Cheese new flavors include: 

  • Old Amsterdam Extra Aged Gouda known as The Reserve: This very special cheese is aged for a minimum of 18 months and has a multitude of deep, rich flavors with bourbon, caramel & pecan undertones and a firm, crumbly texture sparked with lots of ripening crystals. The uniqueness and flavor profile makes this an excellent treat for anytime or special occasions. It is great paired with your favorites such as sweet & spicy roasted nuts, mixed marinated olives, honey mustard and sweet and savory bread. Also great with your favorite cocktail or wine. 

  • Old Amsterdam Mild Gouda known as The Mild:  This cheese is a worldwide favorite due to its accessible flavor. This young gouda is aged for a minimum of four months and has a creamy & semi-soft texture making this an excellent cheese for melting, sandwiches, and snacking.  It is great for a grilled ham & cheese sandwich, with mild meats and sourdough bread and with seasonal fruits such as green apples.